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Happy new year! You know what they say: new year, new you. (Who says this? Only awful people.) And this year, the new me will revisit the long-lost blogging me. I can't decide if this is a very good or seriously bad idea, but hey, new year, new me! (Come on, you already knew I was awful.)

See, once upon a time I used to blog, and I used to do it with some frequency. Maybe you were around back then, but probably not. This was, like, a century ago, and I had just arrived in America on a Polish ship. It had been a long and arduous voyage, spent in a wooden box filled with the soil of my homeland. My blog had gathered a cute little following and everything. I mean, it was only about a dozen or so people. Okay, you got me...maybe it was closer to two dozen. But who was counting? Regardless, I turned my nose up at that media fame, ignored the silent pleas of my people to stay (nobody actually said anything, but I'm sure everyone was heartbroken), and walked away from those riches. Why? Simple. I was g'damn busy, guys.

Believe it or not, but blogging takes a lot of time. This is very likely why this blog, however "reawakened", will suffer some (probably frequent) lapses in activity. Because restarting a blog while trying to raise a tiny human is probably a crazy, insane, no-good, stupidly ambitious idea, especially when I've been having a hell of a time finding time to focus on my writing in the first place. Oh yeah, did I mention that I now have acquired a tiny human? I have. He's teeny and super cute and has sprouted a vampire tooth. (This is absolutely true.) Long ago, I used to tally a good six to eight hours of writing a day. Now, I'm lucky to find an hour or two of genuine fiction-based focus. Mostly, I just daydream about long seafaring voyages and taking naps in the soil of my homeland. Don't get me wrong, I love my kiddo more than I've ever loved anything in my life...but Jesus H, kid. Jesus H.

But I digress.

The blog is back! And because I’m a terrible cheater, you’ll find quite a few of the greatest hits from my defunct blog posted right here (with a few 2019 updates, because lets face it, these posts are from the 1800's). See, I may be sleepy, but I’ve gained an insatiable desire to exploit any opportunity that makes me look productive and awesome with little to no actual work. You know what they say: fake it ‘till you make it! (Awful people, again. Only terrible, awful, intolerable people.)

What will you find here in the future? I honestly don’t know. Posts about writing. Posts about editing. Posts about what I’m working on and how much I need a nap. I’ll try to keep the conversation on topic, which will quite honestly be a nice change of pace. Because at this point, my husband and I just talk about poop and toe jam and how our kid sneezed right into our mouths but man, it was adorable. Parenthood is weird, guys. It turns you into a lunatic.

I’ll also more than likely post bits and pieces of work in progress because…well, because I’ll explain later. Oh, hey now, wait a minute! Is that a cliffhanger? Why yes, it is…

Stay tuned!

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